Life Coaching

Stress Reduction

Today's world often demands more from us than we would like. This can lead to chronic stress that effects the body physically and the mind emotionally. Beachy Buddha™ offers a path of techniques and tools to help you better handle the workload and focus on living from a position of gratitude and abundance and creating a happier life. Start walking the path here.


Self Awareness and Spiritual Growth

Learn to live in the here and now. Improve your mind and body connection. Become increasingly aware of blessings that surround you. Learn how to tap into the universal messages that will help you find your dharma and live your purpose. Find an unbelievable inner peace. The next phase of your journey starts here.


Whole Food Plant Based Education

When we strive to live a life that is not only healthy for us but also healthy for our planet, we must look closely at how and what we eat. One of the most important life changes one can make is to switch to a whole food plant based diet that is SOS (sugar, oil, and salt) free. 

We realize that this change can feel overwhelming. Fully understanding how to prepare these foods to not only taste amazing but also supply your body with all of the essential nutrients in order to keep you fueled and feeling wonderful is the key to success. With this is mind, Beachy Buddha Life™ is proud to announce our partnership with The Phytogenic Chef.  His 30 day transformation challenge is the perfect way to start your WFPB journey and his personal chef services and meal planning services are the perfect way to stay on track or freshen up your current menus. 

Together we offer the complete package for communities, corporations, families, and individuals to lead a life that is in harmony with Mother Earth and that leads to the healthiest and happiest future for all.